Just Say No

Pareto principle AKA the 80/20 Rule.

Most of us have heard of this, right? Essentially, this principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Time to apply it to my life!

I have gotten into a lot of extracurricular activities over the years, and have said no to some, but there is still quite a bit on my plate. I do enjoy being a part of these organizations but if I’m going to be making a radical change in my life that is no longer aligned to these teams, then…let’s say goodbye now.

No. Item Length of Commitment Keep Discard
1 Association Council Member Until Sept 2017; do not renew for next year   Y
2 Non-Profit Sub-Committee Until Sept 2017; do not renew for next year   Y
3 Ebay Store Indefinite; leave for now…reassess later   Y eventually
4 Day Job Indefinite; at least until Dec 2017 Y  
5 Spring Only until Sept 2017 Y  
6 FI Program Only from Sept to Dec 2017 Y  
7 VSW Until Sept 2017; 6H/wk Y if selected Y if not

 Do more of the following:

  • Exercise & Yoga/Meditate
  • Cooking healthy meals at home
  • Go to bed and wake up earlier
  • Drink more water

Well, it’s not exactly down to 20%, but it will do. I’m a strong believer in making space, either physically or psychologically, so that other, better things can come into your life.

say yes

Time to take some action and give notice to the groups that I won’t be a part of for much longer.


P.S. –  This is a pretty good TED video by Sarah Knight, entitled “The Magic of Not Giving a F***”





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