Values and Personal Why

What are your personal values?

What is your personal why? Why are you on this earth? Why do you do what you do?


Most people probably haven’t thought about these questions before; I sure didn’t until recently. Tonight, I started an entrepreneurship program where they hit us with all these thought-provoking questions at the outset. The more I thought about it, the more I agree with the importance of these tough questions.

If an organization has these statements to help guide them, why not individual people? It wasn’t too hard for me to identify what my values are. In fact, I kept listing more and more, but boiled it down to these ones:

  1. Freedom – Control over my own life in every aspect. Independence. Being able to do whatever I want with whomever whenever. Creativity.
  2. Draw the Owl – Embrace being proactive, resourceful and persistent. Know that no one will hold my hand through life, so I need to figure shit out myself.
  3. Growth – Personal and professional development. Challenge the status quo. Be forward-thinking and curious. Learn and succeed.
  4. Community – Relationships at home, work and in society. Feel connected. Give back, volunteer, positively contribute. Create and bring value.
  5. Adventure – Fun. Travel. Wonder. Wander. Excitement.

I had a lot more trouble coming up with my personal why.

Why? Because I’m no Mother Theresa…To me, life is more about experiences and experiments. Yes, I want to leave the world better than I found it (who doesn’t!?), but I also want to have FUN.

I’m a big advocate of minimalism – not excessively consuming or using more than what you need – and that influences my lifestyle as well. [Plug] Have you heard of Josh Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus? They are The Minimalists, who are part of the team that is spearheading the minimalist movement. Check their website out here – they also wrote a few books, run a podcast and have a documentary on Netflix.


What are your personal values and why?


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