#Adulting – When Your Perspective Shifts

When did this happen?!

I used to be able to clearly envision IT. I used to want IT so much. IT was one of the more important milestones in my life that I looked forward to. IT is…


Climbing that damn proverbial ladder!

Since I graduated from school 4 years ago, my end goal was to join the ranks of the C-Suite, become a Vice President in my function of the organization, make management and earn a certain dollar amount by the age of 30, have my company sponsor me getting my MBA…the list went on. I think a lot of people, perhaps especially Millennials, identify with those goals, but WHY?!

Sure, societal and parental brainwashing played a HUGE role in influencing my viewpoints and what I place importance on as I came into adulthood, but I realized that the reward after getting to the top is being the ultimate corporate slave. I feel like If I continue on this path, then I’ll be bound with golden shackles. I will “have it too good.” I may never find anywhere else that will offer me 8 weeks’ vacation that my years of service finally warrants or flexible schedule/autonomy that stems from proving myself over and over again over the course of years to finally gain that level of trust with my higher-ups. I’ll be – for lack of a better word – stuck!


I can’t exactly pinpoint when, but some time at the beginning of this year, I started to feel differently towards this image of myself. A LOT different. Work no longer was a place where I felt much enjoyment or fulfillment – only a source of stress. I didn’t feel like I was making an impact, things moved too slowly for my liking due to bureaucracy and internal politics, and, worst of all, people I looked up to showed their true colours and made some career-ending fumbles. Of course, like anyone else, I thought about looking for another job, but quickly understood that it wouldn’t fundamentally change anything – I would still encounter the same problems no matter which employer I’m with. IT became less and less meaningful to me.

After a few years of being in the same profession, I think it’s healthy to question if a) you enjoy what you doing, b) you can see yourself doing it for years to come, and c) you are good at it. I am concerned for those who do not ask themselves. I’ve been in my profession for slightly over 4 years now, and I’m starting to feel like I may have picked the wrong vocation. I don’t regret it; my experiences have taught me a lot, but maybe it’s time to start exploring other things now.


Now, the real question is: what am I going to do about it? The only options are: do something or nothing about it. The high-tech sector and the notion of running my own business has always intrigued me, so let’s see what happens!

Au Revoir!


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