Pilot: 2016 Mini Bucket List

Let’s start from the beginning – January 2016.

I was sick of making New Year Resolutions that just did not stick. Instead of giving up on that notion completely, I set out to change my perception of it. Instead of creating goals at the beginning of the year, why not set goals for myself at the beginning of the month? I use the word “goal” very loosely; as my aim is to experience the world and life as I never have before, to stretch and grow as a person, to try new things and have fun doing it.

It’s like a mini bucket list. I’m happy to say that I actually stuck with it! The only rule is that I complete 3 new things each month; this way, I have something to look forward to and can ensure that I am learning in some way, shape or form. I can change my mind on these goals at any time. I can “bank” these goals – Eg. if I did 5 new things this month, then the next month I only do 1 or 2. I  If life just happens to me and I’ve never experienced that before, I can throw that in there too if I want. It could be something that I haven’t experienced in a while. Anything goes!

Here is my bucket list for 2016. It’s doesn’t scream ‘Personal Development’ or is the most exciting, but it’s a start and, again, no rules.

Month Experience A Experience B Experience C
Jan Go-Kart (20) Donate Blood (31) Ordained Minister (20)
Feb Archery (9) Bake Cookies (18)
March Salt Therapy (17) Harrison Hot Spring (25) Bake Bread (14)
April Chef’s Table (29) Clothing Swap (30) Strip Club – No. 5 Orange (16)
May Live Blood Analysis (7) Bartending Class (8) Montreal (18)
June Smithers (5) First Funeral (30) Floating (4)
July Alaska Cruise (17) Kayaking (31)  + Fireworks (30) Fed Wild Fawn (22)
Aug Ground School (6) The Chief (14) + Seawall (1) Night Nation Run (6)
Chartered Plane + Chopper (25) Underground Mine (25)
Sept Terrace (1) Makeup Class (24)
Oct Scandinavian Spa (15) Bake Pumpkin Pie (10)
Nov LA + San Diego (8-15) Uber & Lyft (10) Korean Spa (14)
Dec Xmas Market (4) Jazz Concert (7)

*The number beside the goal is the date that I completed it in that month

Here’s some proof!

2016 was definitely fun and adventurous – I settled into my first apartment, started a new job, went through a few break-ups – and I became a better version of myself by the end. How about for 2017, you ask? So far, so good.

Ciao for now!


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